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Our Prices
Our rooms and bungalows are fully air conditioned, include an own bathroom and TV.

If you can't find your something or if you wish for an individual offer, do not hesitate to write or call us.

Room with 2 double beds or one king size and a single bed for up to 4 people:
Nights1234additional nights
1-2 persons800$1600$2400$3600$800$
3-4 persons1200$2400$3000$4000$1200$

Nights1234additional nights
1-2 persons1000$1800$2600$3400$800$
3-4 persons1400$2500$3600$4800$1200$

During school holidays and public holidays:
Nightsadditional nights
1-2 persons1200$/2200$
3-4 persons1600$/3000$

Bungalow, 2 rooms with 2 double beds,kitchen with refrigerator and microwave, dining room, and Palapa.
for up to 8 people:

Nights:12additional nightsadditional person
During school holidays and public holidays:
Nights:123additional nights
up to 8 persons:3200$5600$8000$2400$

Bungalow, 1 room with 2 double beds and a single bed, 1 bedroom with king size bed with beautifull sea view, Bathroom, kitchen with refrigerator and microwave, dining room and living room as well as a terrace
for up to 7 people:

Nights:12additional nightadditional person
During school holidays and public holidays:
Nights:123additional night
up to 7 persons:3500$6000$900$3000$

Entrance to the beach $ 100.

Camping with toilets and shower facilities, $ 150 per night and person.

The prices are in Mexican Pesos ($) and are variable depending on the season.

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